A small professional painting and decorating company, D&F Paintwork’s trade qualified painters bring over 30 years of industry experience to the residents and businesses of Toronto and the surrounding areas.
We provide a reliable and professional service to ensure that every job is finished with the highest quality workmanship that leaves our clients completely satisfied, and more than happy to use us again and again!
Why Choose Us
After you reach out, we will follow up with you within 24 hours to arrange a time to make a visit to your residence or business to provide you with a quote. You will then receive an email in the next 3 days with your written quotation. Then, before the work is undertaken, we will make an appointment to go through the scope, plan the project, explain methods of operation, and consult on your colour choices.
At D&F Paintwork, we guarantee to treat your space with the utmost care and respect. Every surface and item of furniture will be covered with a canvas or plastic drop sheet to ensure that it has full protection from paint spots, splatter, or over- spray. We also use commercial vacuum cleaners to make sure that your space is clear of dust and debris at all times.
We only work with top quality materials. Our choices include Haymes and Dulux for all residential and commercial projects, as well as Resene and Porters for any special finishes. Not only do they make great quality products, they also provide excellent service and an extensive range to choose from.
Our motto is “Do it once and once only.” With this in mind, we inspect all surfaces prior to and during preparations and during the coating process to ensure you get the best finish and that no touch-ups are required.
Our team is the best in the GTA. The assurance and devotion of all of our staff allows us to serve our clients to the highest standard and keeps our clients returning to us again and again.
We strive to provide the highest quality painting and decorating with the best possible customer service and are constantly developing these key areas of D&F Paintwork whenever possible. We follow the motto “Exceeding Your Expectations” to set the highest possible standard.
We use Cherry Pickers and Scaffolding when working at height to ensure that our staff are entirely safe when working at heights. There is a cost associated with hiring this type of equipment as well as the suppling and installation of scaffolding. This cost will always be discussed and approved with the client, and priced separately to the rest of the work before the project starts.
Any paint that is left over is removed from the worksite and responsibly disposed of at a local PaintBack collection point to be recycled. This helps to reduce waste that goes straight to landfill, helping to do our part for the environment.
Convention paints often release chemicals into the air within your home or business, even long after they dry. These chemicals are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and can be harmful to health, particularly if you have respiratory issues. At D&F Paintwork we only use low VOC paints which pose a lower health risk and have a less pungent odour.
Loved by customers
“Great company, with excellent workers . And they finished project on time. I Highly recommended this team !”
“Great job! Recommended colour choice turned out looking really good. These guys were on time, very polite, worked quickly and left no mess behind. Very professional!”
“Excellent service, very satisfied with finished work. Professional approach. I would recommend Darek for anyone who needs work to be done around their home or establishments. Thank you”
Our suppliers